As the first and only exclusively female-focused Canadian cannabis health and wellness company, we’re developing premium solutions with a single-minded purpose: to help women.

Cannabis was made for women

It’s a bold statement, but one we, and science, stand by. Cannabis is a substance that’s designed to be even more effective for women. And now more than ever, women are looking to cannabis to harness its flower powers and effects.

  • It’s the female marijuana plants that produce cannabinoid-rich trichomes - a powerful property that can meet the therapeutic needs of female patients.
  • The female body is configured to absorb cannabis’ effects more efficiently than men. All components of the endocannabinoid system (eCS) are present in the female reproductive system, with levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide reaching their highest levels in the uterus.
@2xCannabis was made for women

What women need

We have connected with women across North America, confirming what we already knew to be true from our very own experiences. Women have reported to have used medical cannabis for these concerns:

  • Daily pain including PMS symptoms: From everyday pain to cramps and bloating to migraines and mood swings, every day and month can bring a new wave unease and uncomfortableness.
  • Insomnia: a common issue for women for which many seek a cure.
  • Stress and anxiety: Let’s face it, we’re juggling a lot: a career, partner, our home, children, parents, parents-in- laws - the list is seemingly endless. We can’t shorten the list, but we can find solutions to help us de-stress and disconnect.
  • Sexual Intimacy: Let’s talk about sex. No matter how we seek pleasure, we deserve to heighten our arousal and enjoyment.
@2xWhat women need

What women want

We like to experience cannabis a little differently than men do. We don’t want super high levels of THC. Instead, we want more control with our cannabis. We want a different taste and smell experience, one that blends notes of floral, fruit and citrus. We don’t want the munchies, but we do crave cannabis-alternatives, like edible oils.

By partnering with one of the top experts in the field, Fleurish has been exclusively designed and developed to give female patients and adult recreational users a cannabis experience crafted for women's unique wants and medical needs.

@2xWhat women want

A strand above

We have a team of expert growers in our state-of-the-art facility, near Ottawa, Ontario.  We understand the optimal nutrient mix and grow techniques to ensure consistent levels of cannabinoids in our flowers, oils and sprays.  And our best-in-class testing protocols will ensure Fleurish provides you with safe and consistent cannabis products, every time.


Our cannabis commitment

We are committed to furthering women’s wellness through cannabis, and we’ll do this by:

  • Conducting on-going research to ensure we understand women’s current and future wellness needs and wants
  • Continuously working to better gauge women’s medical needs, developing solutions that suit these needs and women's lifestyle
  • Sponsoring scientific research to further understanding of cannabis’ ability to contribute to women’s health and wellness
  • Continuing to develop exclusive strains that best meet women’s wellness needs and preferences for cannabis products
  • Globally searching for solutions to female needs
@2xOur cannabis commitment