Grown for Women

Helping women make informed decisions about their health through education and empowerment.

Cannabis unique to women

Here’s what our research tells us about women and cannabis:

  • we use cannabis to supplement our wellness routines
  • our uteruses actually have more cannabinoid receptors making us more sensitive to the effects of cannabis
  • we prefer lower levels of THC
  • we also prefer alternative forms of cannabis to smoking like edible oils

By partnering with one of the top experts in R&D, Fleurish is developing cannabis strains specifically for women.

A strand above

We have a team of expert growers at our state-of-the-art facility, near Ottawa, Ontario.  We understand the optimal nutrient mix and grow techniques to ensure consistency in the cannabinoid levels in our flowers. Our best-in-class testing protocols will ensure safe cannabis products.

Our high-quality cannabis specifically created with women's health in mind will be on the market soon! Join our newsletter below to be kept up-to-date on all of our exciting news.

Our cannabis commitment

We're committed to furthering women’s wellness by:

  • Conducting on-going research to ensure we understand women’s current and future needs
  • Sponsoring legal scientific research to further understanding the effect of cannabis on women
  • Continuing to develop products that best meet women’s preferences and needs
  • Working with not-for-profit organizations to create partnerships in women’s health
  • Creating global alliances to further women’s health issues