Fleurish Cannabis Inc. is a licensed producer of high-quality cannabis for women, grown ethically in Ontario, Canada. Boasting a dedicated team of growers, scientists, business and marketing experts who focus on the health and well-being of our consumers and community.

Who We Are

Fleurish looks to find balance with a holistic approach to health and specifically focusing on the unique needs of women and how cannabis can help. Inspired by our own experiences with family and health care, our company is about empowering women in making informed decisions about their health and to help build strong community ties through education and support. Our mandate is to provide information and guidance so that our consumers can feel confident on whether cannabis is right for them. What is unique about Fleurish is that our holistic and ethical approach to cannabis and women's health starts right on the growers floor with the thought and purpose of improving cultivation and advocacy for our communities.

Our team of expert growers located in our state-of-the-art indoor facility, near Ottawa, Ontario, are designing and developing products to give women a cannabis experience crafted around their unique concerns. The 20,000 sq ft facility on 8 acres of land houses 15,000 square feet of growing space, along with laboratory space that is the primary research and development location of Fleurish. As our facility is growing at an astonishing rate, our products and services will grow with it. Just as Canada’s cannabis industry matures and continues to define safety regulations, we will continue to make the health and safety of our consumers a top priority. We understand the optimal nutrient mix and grow techniques to ensure consistency in the cannabinoid levels in our flowers and our best-in-class testing protocols will ensure safe cannabis products for all of our consumers.

Why Make Cannabis for Women?

Women have unique wellness needs which research says can be helped with the right combination of CBD and THC. The strains we are developing are designed to address issues such as migraines and headaches, pain management such as joints, arthritis and menstruation related discomforts or pain. Women also experience stress and anxiety differently, meaning that the cannabis which is often recommended is based on the status quo of male bodies.

Research also tells us that the uterus has more cannabinoid receptors making it more sensitive to the effects of cannabis and therefore lower levels of THC is preferred for women using cannabis. Our team is actively working to make sure that our products are not just for women but that women are the focus and determinant of what strains we use and what methods of cannabis consumption actually works for them. We actively work with women’s groups and women’s advocacy collectives to make sure that our company and products represent what real women want and need from cannabis.

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Our Cannabis Commitment

We're committed to furthering women’s wellness by:

  • Conducting on-going research to ensure we understand women’s current and future needs
  • Sponsoring scientific research to further understand the effect of cannabis on women
  • Continuing to develop products that best meet women’s preferences and needs
  • Working with non-for-profit organizations to create partnerships in women’s health
  • Creating global alliances to further women’s health issues