Give Rise to Women

Fleurish was launched with a focus on celebrating the unique energy and power of women. Our goals have always been to create products that are crafted to enhance their wellbeing, support their businesses, and give back through initiatives rooted in their causes.

Focus & Poise

We are proud to be a Craft Grower. We enjoy growing cannabis and taking our time to cultivate in small batches. This way we can give each plant the attention it deserves through its entire lifecycle.

Devotion to Excellence

We pride ourselves on the fact we do things by hand: watering, hang drying, trimming and sorting. But make no mistake, our drive for excellence is rooted in science and technology. While we are high touch, our indoor facility is high tech, allowing us to control each variable in cultivating and drying cannabis. We are therefore able to offer you a consistently premium product experience.

Our Story

At our core, we are a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who believe strongly that cannabis can provide women with a new and more natural way to improve their wellbeing.


Inspired by our own experiences with family health issues and our research with hundreds of women across Canada, our team is actively working to develop cannabis products that we believe will improve women’s health and wellness.


Women have shared their stories with us about how issues such as pain, sleep and stress are negatively impacting their daily lives. Their stories empower us to work as hard as we can to develop and bring our products to market quickly.


Beyond making effective products that work, we are committed to furthering women’s health and wellness by conducting or sponsoring research to better understand the effect of cannabis on women.

Our Cultivars

Selected for Women

Hand Picked| Hand Crafted | Premium Cannabis


Skunk CBD


Island Sweet Skunk




Cold Creek Kush

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